California Pizza Kitchen, Infinity Mall, Malad: 4/5

When you spend a busy Saturday and need a quiet dinner with friends over great drinks, then CPK is the place to be.

CPK Malad is huge with great ambience. More of a family place for dining especially after a tiring day of shopping. The booths were very comfortable and perfectly lit. To add to the topping – happy hours!! Order one pitcher and get one free!!! Yaaayy!!

So we had a non veg platter which had a lotta yummy stuff!! A must try of you’re hungry as it can easily serve a group of 4 – there’s humus n pita bread, crispy fried chicken, barbeque wonton rolls and spicy chicken supreme!! Everything served with 3 types of sauces. Bon appetite!!

In pizzas we ordered tostada pizza was just okay as it had a layer of lettuce and tortilla chips which I din particularly enjoy but my friends did. So depends on your choice really.

The chicken tequila Fettuccini pasta was simply outta this world!! Very cream and served hot!

Overall quantity of the food was pretty good for the price and everything was delicious. Had a great time.








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