Irish House, Andheri W: 1.5/5

Have been a regular at the lower parel outlet and have loved it but this place was quite disappointing. We went on a Saturday night and it wasn’t v crowded but was quite quite loud!!

The ambience is great as it’s standard across all Irish stores. I really loved the music as it was quite retro with the hits of those college days..!! The only problem was that the music was too too loud!! Forget about not being able to have any conversation, after sometime it just hurts!!!

Drinks are great – be it the classic long island iced tea and even the mocktails – strawberry vanilla iced tea was great while lemon cooler was a bit too sour.

Food- lose all your hopes please. This is a place for drinks and music and food is BAD. Be it the grande nachos, mushroom bites or even the cliché barbeque chicken wings – nothing is impressive and is completely avoidable. I had high hopes on spaghetti meat balls and that was d time I realized what a waste of appetite this place is. Seriously guys, pls work on your food quality. Some of us don’t get too drunk to realize the quality of food!!

Overall- a party place post dinner if u wanna get drunk n dance. Don’t expect a good food experience please. N music is suited for drunk ears only.


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