Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel: 4/5

Cafe Zoe – A place you can count on when you want to have an awesome time!

I have been to this place multiple times and have never been disappointed with its food. Quality, yummy, delicious food guaranteed!!

The ambience is Super cool with my favorite part being the roof to have daylight saving! An eco friendly restaurant is brilliant!! The music is lovely and it’s always crowded with foreigners and Indians alike.

On weekends you can catch a band playing and that’s when reservation is a must!

I have tried a lotta stuff here and my favorite is the chicken wings!! They are served hot and the sauce is just finger licking good. Lemon chilly coriander grilled chicken served with mash potatoes is to die for! Not the chicken but the incredibly mashed mash potatoes!! It melts in your mouth!!

I tried watermelon and feta for the first time here and simply loved it. This French place makes you fall in love with food and makes you realize what fun food blogging really is!!

Drinks are amazing although quite expensive. Cost wise it is quite an expensive place to eat but that’s what maintains the crowd and makes the food worth it.

If you want to host a nice meal then this is a perfect place to show off about Mumbai!






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