Hoppipola, Todi Mill, Lower Parel: 1/5

Again similar experience with Hoppipola,only this time at its lower parel outlet.

Food: 1/5
Ambience: 3/5
USP: 1/5 (USP is games which are not in good condition)
VFM: 3/5
Drinks: 2/5

Located in Todi Mall, viz becoming a collection of food n hangout joints, Hoppipola is located in the interiors, again like most other places.

When you think of Hoppipola – u expect a good time through their collection of board games. But I guess the owners forgot about their USP and have completely ignored the condition of games stocked at this place. Battleship has missing ships! Chess has missing soldiers! Uno seems to be the only card game available and I donno what’s missing there as I din have the courage to count the cards. 

Coming to ambience – yes, v cool. I like. But then again nothing to be amazed about.

We had a mocktail named minty cream and I suggest you avoid it completely. For appetizers we started with fish fingers and it was just edible – not delicious but ordinary and edible. We dared to order chicken skewers hoping you can’t go wrong with it but to our disappointment it was dry and chewy. I’m suspecting the food we had wasn’t fresh as it was a Monday afternoon! Don’t think they expect people to drop by that time – no wonder it was empty!! Still no excuse to serve a disappointing meal.

The only savior was the mixed sauce penne pasta – the best part about it was that it was served hot!!!!

Overall quite a disappointing experience and I won’t visit this place if I want to have a good meal.









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