TAP sports bar, Andheri W: 2.5/5

Have been to this place and my food experience has been disappointing. My recent visit was no different. I went one evening on a weekday and preferred to sit inside because of air conditioning, although music was more lively outside.

The ambience is decent – a bit on a darker side but fine. Not v awesome but nothing to complain either. They have recently made a dance floor and I’m guessing it must be full during weekends but was quite empty on a weekday.

Coming to food – we ordered mushroom relenos which were basically very badly made mushroom cheese balls. They were deep fried and the fry portion and mushroom got separated after taking one bite. Wasn’t tasty as well. We pointed out and the restaurant was kind enough to accept the return and criticism politely and dint even charge us for the dish.

Our second dish was crispy veg which was well prepared and tasted good. We enjoyed this preparation. For drinks we ordered a virgin mojito and it was refreshing.

Overall our experience was okay but not a place I will visit regularly. Maybe will try again on a weekend and see how the atmosphere lights up.









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