Ithaka, Lower Parel: 3/5

I went to this place for lunch during a weekday with my colleagues.

The interiors are simple and air conditioning is great relief from the Mumbai heat. The music is also good and overall a decent ambience with good seating. Riso (Italian restaurant) and Ithaki (Lebanese) operate out of the same place during afternoon as its less crowded.

We started with humus peri peri and pita bread. The humus was brilliant to taste and we loved the presentation as well. The pita bread was soft and warm but could have been hotter. Thoroughly enjoyed the dish.

We then tried cottage cheese with sujak which was slightly on a spicy side but delicious. It was quite creamy, very similar to your pasta sauce actually, with exotic veggies and soft cottage cheese that melts in your mouth. A rich preparation which we enjoyed very much!!

The third appetizer was masala pita bread which was unfortunately completely avoidable! The presentation itself seemed avoidable and the taste wasn’t that great too. Don’t wanna comment more but just that avoid it.

Out final main course was from stone grill bar where we made our own preparation. It had veggies, an option for rice / noodles where we picked rice and a choice is sauces where we were recommended riso exotic sauce. The taste was good but it was more on an oily side. The cauliflower was proportionately more than other veggies but overall a good dish but nothing great.

Surprisingly out of 4 dishes, 2 were recommended by the person who took our order and both these turned out unpleasant. Our choices of humus peri peri and cottage cheese sujak were brilliant! Funny!!

The best part of the evening was the chocolate mud cake!! It was yummylicious!!! A hot chocolate cake, so soft that it melts as u take a bite with a vanilla ice cream on top of it!! Ah, whatta delight! Blissful indeed.

Overall a good experience, not average but not awesome either. Yes, I would visit again for humus peri peri but nothing else excites me more.









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