Imperial China, Hilton: 4/5 stars

Have been a regular customer at Hilton and on my last visit I tried their Chinese restaurant called Imperial China. The ambiance of the place is fine dining style but limited Chinese décor. The lights are perfect and we had a nice table for two.

We were very hungry as we came straight from work on a Thursday night and placed order for 2 main courses – Nase Goreng and Teriyaki chicken. Nasi Goreng was served with chicken burnt garlic fried rice with egg omelette over it – looked and tasted brilliant, prawn crackers and chicken satay with peanut sauce. I loved my favorite chicken satay as always and the rice was perfect. Our second dish was chicken noodles with Teriyaki chicken. Once again, the Teriyaki chicken was delicious although noodles were good, but nothing great or out of the ordinary. We had a lovely dinner experience overall and finished our food without effort. I wanted to taste more appetizers but maybe next time. We were so hungry I forgot to click food pics but have shared pics of the restaurant ambience.

The time taken to serve us was also ~15-20 mins which was quite reasonable. And since we are members of the Hotel, we received a welcoming 50% discount on our bill which was awesome!! Overall, a great experience and would love to visit again with the 50% discount offering.






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