Chakh Le, Versova: 3/5

Good news for all Delhi Street Food Lovers – you can experience authentic dilli street food in Aamchi Mumbai right here at at Chakh le.

A tiny restaurant located at Versova it speaks a lot from its food authenticity. The ambience is limited- few seating, non A/C but with open kitchen technique which makes a wonderful experience through the aroma of its food.

We started with Banta Soda – an interesting soda bottle served with masala sourced from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi itself! The owners narrate their story for Delhi food craving and you understand their passion behind this.

Their MUST TRY – Mutter kulcha served with onions and pickles – absolutely brilliant! I totally get it when they say – u haven’t had food at Chakh le if you haven’t had their mutter kulcha!

Next on d list was a variety of parathas – alu, Gobi, paneer with Alu being my favorite – v soft and tasty. Their puri-alu was also delicious – especially the puri which was amazingly crisp and HUGE for a puri. Omg- at first I thot it’s a bathura (which came later with chole).

Being a Punjabi, my favorite home food is Rajma Chawal – and at Chakh le the taste was very similar which was awesome. However I din quite enjoy the Sindhi curry and Chawal.

I was really full by now – Punjabi food can be so heavy afterall! But deserts were remaining – needless to say Suji ka halwa was served with right amount of sweetness. But the interesting (off d menu) dish was their secret Jame Hue Jamun – where they serve gulab Jamun in yoghurt. What an idea sirjee – sweet Gulab Jamun with slightly sour Dahi! But it’s not everyone’s dish – however as a foodie – must recommended- something new afterall!!

Oh I almost forgot – LASSI is a must. It’s rich. Refreshing. Sweet. N so very Punjabi!!

Overall, I think it’s awesome value for money especially for a place like Mumbai and considering its quantity! Ambience wise, I might not recommend hot afternoons as with do much food, u can feel hotter. But then again, look at its price and size – total vasool! Top notch quality and quantity at reasonable price!











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