Minus 301 degrees F, Linking Road: 4/5

We need many such parlors in Mumbai!

I happened to experiment this place post my dinner at Kofuko and the description intrigued me. It’s a small ice cream parlor with a huge nitrogen machine at one end and multiple flavor options.

I strongly recommend Guava flavor which is served in a cup and with Mirchi, yes Mirchi, sprinkled on the top! The ice cream being prepared under nitro technology is the smoothest I’ve tasted so far and you can’t resist but hog onto the entire cup!

They also serve ice cream in “roll” style which is very interesting too. Very similar to kulfi rolls and what’s more fun is to watch them make one. I, however, preferred the smoother scoop option served in the cup.

Another must try flavor is: Bubblegum!!! Oh my God!! This took me back to my childhood memories of “Boomer” chewing gum that we fondly loved. Brilliant taste.

Next was pan Masala flavor and it was truly pan served in ice cream form. This, however, wasn’t as smooth as Guava or Bubblegum but true to its taste.

I wish they had a better seating option to make d experience wholesome. Overall, an awesome place with absolutely amazing ice creams. Pls try Guava n Bubblegum without fail.









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