Firki, Lower Parel, Mumbai: 3/5

Firki – A twist to the desi cusine.

I was looking forward to this dinner for quite sometime and finally got reservation on a Sunday evening. We went with family and as we entered the place we realized its one noisy place to be!! Jam packed with majority of Gujjus, family place with lot of chattering kids and couple of people fighting with the manager for better place to sit!!

Food wise- pure veg. Interesting food but failed to bring the wow factor. Few dishes that I liked were:
1. Jalepeno sticks: perfect for kids too and deliciously prepared with cheese n jalepeno.

2. Pav Bhaji Fondue: excellent bhaji – finger licking good in fondue style fusion preparation. Not many restaurants are able to pull this off.

3. Baked Vada Pav: these gave the look of dough balls served in Pizza Express. Very tasty and definitely not to be missed.

4. Chole bathura: yes, very yummy for the tummy. We ended up ordering another one. Must try!!

1. Thepla wraps: I understand their experimental desire but this was too weird to taste. I rather avoid it completely.

2. Chokha nu kitchu: The explanation to this dish was totally different than what was served. It seemed like a baked khichdi served in a hospital – completely bland and tasteless.

3. Dabeli Bruschetta simply failed to impress

4. Thaipith Pitla: pls don’t try this – swati serves way better and worth the money n time you spend for it.

Overall it was a good experience but I might not take efforts to make reservations again for this place. Found it overhyped! Drinks were good- katchi Keri and masala cola especially.










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