The Bar Stock Exchange, Colaba: 1/5

So here’s my review to the much talked about BSE, Colaba:
1. Ambience: I would rate the ambience just about average as it seemed like a train compartment in rectangular space. Very weirdly arranged with limited seating. Even when u enter at 8 pm, you have one hour waiting to get a table so don’t have any hopes for any table post 9 pm. Finally when we were allotted a corner table after an hour – there was no air conditioning. Management response: Yeah it isn’t working. No sorry. No alternate seating given. Take it or leave it attitude.

2. Hospitality: I don’t know if that’s SOBO effect but the staff is very cold when it comes to hospitality. It’s their way or the highway with little regards given to customer experience. My experience with no air conditioning is mentioned above which highlights their utter disregard to customer comfort. The AC wasn’t working but leaking with water around our table – still no alternate seating offered. We were mid way on our bachelorette party so cudnt leave also.

3. Food n Drinks: The low pricing is just a farce – the drinks all seem diluted. The expensive ones like LIT were better but I’ve had better drinks before. Food mein we ordered – nachos which were the only savior. I don’t think you can go wrong with Nachos really. In triple french fries, we only found 2 distinct variety of salted and spicy french fries as the third one wasn’t very distinct. Quesadillas were simply avoidable! I donno what they served. Their service is very quick and I guess too quick to check d quality!! Bruschetta platter was interesting but tasted just about average. Overall, not very high quality of food n drinks.

4. Value for Money: its not reasonably priced for sure and for the same price I rather go to Irish which serves better food, way better drinks and so much better ambience and seating. Very avoidable place!





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