Mc Donald’s, Lokhandwala: 3.5/5

Burgers at Mc Donald’s never fail to disappoint you – be it their classics or even the new variety that keeps coming up every now and then. To name a few – Mc Chicken is a wonderful chicken burger with chicken Pattie, mayo, lettuce and an option of an extra cheese slice. Very classic – very good to taste. Their entry category burger in chicken is however very sad and dry so pls avoid it. The new Mc Spicy is also great for spicy taste buds. Fries are available in both classic and spicy mix option.

Amongst veg burgers, I haven’t really enjoyed anyone very much. It’s not very tasty and quite avoidable. Mc Meals are value options which is also highly recommended when ordered in groups. The breakfast is strictly okay and so are the other options apart from Burgers.

Ambience of all branches are pretty standard and good for a quick meal. I mostly prefer takeaways or home delivery when you are looking for a good fast food option!


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