Apsara Icecream, Lokhandwala: 4/5

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I love Apsara Icecreams!! They have multiple flavors especially of seasonal fruits and here’s some of the flavors that I would like to highly recommend:

1. Guava flavor
They have the best Guava flavored icecream I have tasted so far. And what makes it best is that it’s fresh and now since Guava is out of season, they have discontinued this flavor 😦 But still I would like to describe it’s taste: the icecream is smooth with flavor of Guava and also with hint of the fruit as u taste tiny Pieces between bites. It is served with a masala – the same way that guava is best eaten as a fruit with some masala. That concept simply nails it. With every bite of sweet icecream it is well balanced with the masala sprinkled on top. A must have ofcourse!!!!

2. Mango
Since it’s summer time, Alphonso is the flavor of the season and surely so Apsara brings mango flavored icecream. Like Guava, this has its fruits’ taste with tiny chunks of mango like tuti fruti, only tinier. Love the icecream!!!

3. Frutilicious
This is the mixed fruit flavored icecream and has the brilliant taste of various fruits. Overall, I would rate mango n.Guava better as this is less sweeter but delicious.

4. Chocolate
Well, not very recommended. I think Apsara makes good fruit flavored icecream but when it comes to chocolate, I din quite enjoy it. I prefer cornetto anyday over this.

Overall, very well priced. We mostly order for home delivery and their service is very quick. Go for it!!!


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