Ashoka, Nagpur: 4/5

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Went to this place for Sunday dinner and the place was crowded like crazy!! So much waiting! I highly recommend reservation else you end up waiting for atleast 30-50 mins.

The place is a typical family restaurant with no music but nice simple décor. It’s a very old popular restaurant of Nagpur known for quality food and simple yet decent décor.



We started by ordering fresh lime sodas which were indeed very refreshing. This was followed by appetizers – tandoor mushroom first. The mushrooms were nicely cooked in tandoor but a bit on peppery side. It was soft to taste too.

We then ordered for fish and chips which had fried fish – very tender to taste, right spices and delicious tartar sauce. Highly recommended.

We then tried chicken tikka which had chunks of marinated chicken, grilled well and served with onions and greebt chutney. The chicken was nicely cooked with tender taste and the marination was amazing to taste too.

The crispy veg was however not very interesting – I think the sauce was a bit dominating this taking the crispness away.

Finally for main course we ordered for American Chopsuey – the taste was perfect with both sweet and spicy flavor to it. The noodles were crispy, sauce was delicious, veggies were well boiled and chicken pieces well cooked. Overall an awesome taste and highly recommended.

We also ordered for veg sizzler – lot of veggies. But the taste was quite bland and highly avoidable.

Ashoka demands an entire section for desserts. And truly so – we first tried caramel cake and the taste was so soft and right balance of caramel sweetness. The cherry on top made it visually pleasing too.

Next was hot nut fudge sundae – this was chocolate icecream with lot of nuts and chocolate biscuit on it. The chocolate sauced over it made it delicious. We attacked it!

The tuti Fruti ice cream was again great! It took me back to my childhood as the taste was the same old sweet with minute.


Overall had a great time and will definitely recommend going here and enjoying a delicious meal with your family


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