Falafel’s, Phoenix: 4/5

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We visited the Falafel outlet located on the 1st floor of Phoenix Mall – the place can be traced easily with its bright cheerful colors. Nothing much to talk about the ambiance as its more like a food court concept. The good part is that Falafel now serves chicken too and that’s awesome for shwarma lovers like me!!
Mango is the flavor/ fruit of the season and indeed falafel had special mango yoghurt shake. It was thick, not too sweet and similar to mango shake that we make this season. Very refreshing indeed.


We started with fire cracker chicken wrap and as the name suggests it was hot and spicy. The pita roll was wrapped around shredded pieces of roasted chicken and veggies with spicy sauce.

Next was Turkish tostada which was their signature dish and rightly so! I am so in love with this dish even though it was Vegetarian!!! The base was like thin crust pizzaade of tortilla bread while the topping included generous use of cheese, salsa sauce and beans. With every crispy bite, the cheese melted in the mouth. Amazing taste to experience. Must recommended!!

Like every trendy place, even falafel had season special Mango preparation. We tried their Mango chilli chicken wrap that had grilled chicken and mango chilli sauce which was tangy to taste reminding you of the typical kaccha aam flavor. The chicken was tender and juicy and I thoroughly enjoyed this preparation.

Finally we tried the famous Hummus with falafel. The hummus was made of mashed chickpeas and olive oil, which was mashed to perfection making it very smooth to taste without any lumps. It was served with the regular pita bread and pickled veggies on the side such as beetroot, carrot, etc.

We also tried cheesy zatar pita which was quite disappointing and avoidable. Even the presentation was not good and attractive and it was top dry to taste.


The classic chicken shawarma was literally classic in its sense as it had typical stuffing of Chicken, garlic sauce, veggies and hummus. The taste was juicy thanks to the sauce and Chicken was well grilled and tender to taste. The marination was properly absorbed and each bite was juicy to taste.

So this isn’t like a sit-down dining place so it I recommend you not expect or judge them from service or hospitality. People were simple, rather too simple to explain the dishes properly. Suggest lot of training to the staff for knowledge.

Overall a great experience and I highly recommend the place for a quick take away, fulfilling and hearty meal


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