The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra: 4.5/5

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The Daily Bar & Kitchen has a very interesting theme based on the Newspaper or Daily as popularly called in the West. We went here on a Friday evening and I recommend reservation as it was full.

The place has a wonderful ambience with options for both outdoor and indoor seating. They have frames of newspaper articles – headlines and short articles and the same is displayed all across the restaurant. These are collections of interesting, achievement related news from around the globe. Frames are hug on the wall in the interior and also from the ceiling. A very interesting and innovative décor. The lighting is subtle inside with a bar on one side accompanied by bar stools. Even the tables are elevated at the level of bar stools. The outdoor seating has black table and benches with a collection of sticky notes where people pen down their experiences. The music was amazing- great collection and loud enough to allow conversation.

All in all, a very interesting décor, very classy and rich with amazing subtle music.

Ah, this is the age of Molecular Cocktails and like every high end restobar, The Daily also offer a variety. We picked the Oriental Passion which is a vodka based cocktail made with passion fruits, basil leaves and Kaffir lime. Interestingly, they pour the mixer over dry ice to give the smoky effect viz. then poured over the vodka. It was mesmerizing to witness the process of making the molecular cocktail, and to top it all, the taste was amazing. The drink wasn’t too strong and had a refreshing citrus flavor to it.

We also tried the Wild Card – another molecular cocktail that was whiskey based. The taste of bourbon blended well with cranberry infused tea that ensured it balanced out the bitterness of bourbon. The hickery wood smoke added to the aroma and made the drink divine. A must recommended indeed!

Molecular cocktails are a trend but molecular mocktail is a rarity! On our request, the manager Rohit, prepared the molecular mocktail called the Midas Touch. This was watermelon based with cucumber and mint, making it refreshing and subtle sweet. The dry ice smoke made it dreamy!!

I also recommend my favorite category of mocktails these days – Guava based. We tried the Little Foot which had Guava juice, Tabasco, lime juice and pepper. The margarita glass it was served in was salted on its brim and every sip took me to the childhood memories of having guava with masala sprinkled over it. Again, highly recommended.

We started with the Drunken Prawns in appetizers. Prawns were well marinated with aniseed liquor and served with lavash and house salad. Every bite was crunchy and juicy thanks to the marination. A definite recommendation.

Next we tried Lemon Pepper Fish – this was grilled Basa fish marinated with parsley and lime topped with vinegar and pepper. The fish was very well grilled – tender and juicy and well marinated.

We also tried smoked barbeque chicken filo which was roasted chicken like keema flavored with barbeque rub and wrapped in crunchy filo. I din quite enjoy this preparation as I expected something different.

In main course we tried Smoked Scamorza Emmental Stuffed Chicken which was well grilled chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheese, served with herb garlic mash. The mash was so smoothed and delicious with the subtle garlic flavor. Every chicken bite was full of cheese melting out making it delicious. A must try if you’re a fan of Chicken and Bacon.

Best for the last indeed – the Desserts at Daily are to die for!! Rohit wanted us to try 3 but we decided to go for 2 Desserts only. Later, I regretted the decision 😦

We started with Panna Cotta with rosemary and orange compote. I have never enjoyed Panna Cotta as they are very bland and jelly like. But I was fighting to eat the entire dessert here – the rosemary and orange compote around the Panna Cotta added subtle flavor to it. Every bite was sinful, soft and both tangy and sweet. It was a perfect blend – an artist’s creation.

Next was mascarpone ice cream with caramelized oranges and almond crumble. The almond made it rich and royale and caramelized oranges could be had as a separate dish in itself!! The presentation was equally breathtaking!

Restobars like these usually run full and managers have no time to give customised recommendations. However, Rohit was there to help us decide what to order based on our likes and dislikes. He also went out of the way to serve molecular mocktail which is not part of their Menu. The staff is very courteous, service is good and the food makes this place amazing.

Overall, I would rate this place 4.5 stars for their food quality, amazing ambience and courteous service and hospitality. I’m definitely coming back again!


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