The Chicken Story, Powai: 4/5

The Chicken Story operates on a delivery based model and is located out of Powai. It has a wide variety of options available and here’s my quick recap of my experience:

1. Chicken Pepper Fry
These were cubes of chicken prepared with black pepper in South Indian style. The chicken was tender and juicy and tasted delicious in pepper flavor. It was served with Malabar Paratha but considering the delivery time from Powai to Lokhandwala, it had become cold and chewy. The chicken, however, tasted amazing.

2. Alfredo Pasta
We ordered for this veg pasta which comprise of penne pasta made in a rich, cream based butter and cheese sauce with veggies such as mixed bell peppers, zucchini and mushrooms. The cream sauce was very creamy and cheesy as its name suggests and tasted finger licking good when served hot. The pasta was well cooked, soft and tasted great with d veggies. Highly recommended!!

3. Barbeque Wings
In appetizers we tried BBQ Chicken Wings. This classic dish consisted of Chicken Wings tossed in barbeque sauce which in this case was their special house sauce that was sweet and smoky as the BBQ sauce should be. We lovvvvvedd the chicken wings and had an awesome time feasting on it!

Overall, the food was delicious especially the Alfredo Pasta and Chicken Wings. Their menu is so attractive that I will definitely order again!!


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