Tea Villa, Bandra West: 4/5

Tea Villa is the hottest chain these days offering a variety of tea and a lot more!! I visited their Bandra outlet on the ever busy and happening Hill Road, across Globus.

The place has a very cute look from outside and once you enter you are greeted with warm vibes. There are seating options on lower ground floor and upper floor. The theme is white and black and the walls are very interesting with quotes on tea, about coffee and so much more. As part of the décor, they have huge tea bags hanging from the ceiling, cups on the walls and huge posters about fun facts of these beverages. The seating is very comfortable and the music is brilliant. I was very tempted to take their playlist – from classic to latest numbers, they have it all.

I ordered Tropical Delight which was a hot tea prepared by infusing tea leaves with fruit flavor by adding pieces of fruits such as mango, strawberry, hibiscus, Apple, cherry and vanilla. They serve hot water in tea kettle, infusion mixture and a sand timer. You mix the tea leaves / infusion by putting it into the tea kettle and start the timer by turning it upside down. This is the time taken to prepare your tea, post which you can have it by pouring in your tea cup. Overall, it was not just having tea but the entire experience that made it awesome! The tea had a wonderful fruity aroma and taste was quite refreshing.

Mango and Strawberry Tea was as the name suggest had flavor of strawberry and mango. The strawberry taste was quite prominent and overall aroma was stronger as compared to Tropical Delight. Again, great experience to prepare the tea.

The next drink was Miraki- basically Black Coffee which is freshly brewed on the table and has an energizing coffee aroma. I find brew coffee quite bitter and din quite enjoy the taste but for coffee lovers this is quite recommended.

And to take you back to childhood days we tried Hot Chocolate – which was served hot, prepared with milk and chocolate. Tea Villa was written on its top, making it picture perfect!

Oh surprisingly you can have a Variety of food here, although with restriction of being vegetarian only. We started with Tea Villa Special Basket of Fries – an assortment of Fries comprising crispy sweet potatoes, classic french fries and potato wedges. The 3 dips accompanying the fries were BBQ sauce, ranch and chilly mayo sauce of which mayo was an instant hit.

The Cheese Fondue: Oh My God!!!!
Ofcourse it had a pot of melted cheese with fire in its bottom to ensure if stays melted. The Fondue was accompanied with sautee assorted exotic vegetables such as zucchini, baby corn, potatoes, brocolli, mushrooms and croutons. The quantity was generous, veggies were perfectly sautee and cheese was smooth and delicious. A must recommended!!!

Crispy Lotus Stem were ofcourse crispy and crunchy and was prepared with honey chilly sauce. This added the spice as well as spice to the preparation. It was an interesting dish to try and we enjoyed it.

Spaghetti Aglo Olio: This was a classic preparation of spaghetti pasta (well cooked) tossed in olive oil and various herbs as well as exotic veggies such as corn and Bell papers. The garlic bread served on the side was a perfect addition.

Desserts: My favorite part of the meal!!
Tea Villa is officially my Go-to place for Waffles! We tried their Nutella Waffles and it looked sinful and tempting. The waffles were fresh outta the oven with generous spread of Nutella sauce all over it. Each bite was crisp and yummy – finger licking good. You can’t stop getting a foodgasm and wish the dish never ends! Perfect. Must must try.

The brickshake was served in a mug made out of chocolate – just so wow when you can eat the mug too!! Then there were layers of chocolate mousse and whipped cream at the top. I din quite enjoy the whipped cream alone, so unless you dig deep you won’t get the entire experience. A tad bit over rated though.

The staff is courteous and friendly. They know their teas and have amazing recommendations! Few waiters were not well versed with the dishes but overall the experience was great.

I will definitely visit this place again – anytime of the day or night! It can be a great hangout place or dessert / tea place post your meal too!


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