Barbeque Nation, Worli: 3.5/5

Located in Atria Mall, Barbeque Nation was pleasantly full even on a weekday! BBQ Nation was the first of its kind restaurant to have a buffet setup and that served unlimited grill starters on your table! Here’s my review of their outelt at Atria Mall-

The ambience is similar to all outlets of BBQ Nation – brick walls with use of wood for partitions as well as seating. Every table has an area for Grill where starters are put in skewers. The lighting is great, music is good and seating is comfortable. All in all a good ambience but nothing swanky about it.

We tried a couple of mocktails of which I really loved the Anar Mojito. This refreshing soda based drink was made out of the juice of pomegranate, lime and mint. Each sip had a sweet and tangy flavor that made it very refreshing.

The Specials for the day was Sherbet-e-Nawab that was a mil based drink with added flavors of Rooh Afza, vanilla icecream and tutti Fruti. It reminded me of rooh afza milk that I use d to have in d childhood days – refreshing drink but milk was not something that went with the food, especially non veg.

We started with appetizers and here’s my take on them:
1. Paneer Hukume Shahi: The cottage cheese was well marinated in a mixture of yogurt, ginger garlic paste and Indian spices, lightly grilled and served in a skewer. We then applied some sauces and grilled it further on our table. The cottage cheese was soft and juicy with the marination and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I repeated this order multiple times!

Peri Peri stuffed Drum Sticks: This was chicken drumsticks or chicken leg marinated with peri peri sauce making and cooked to perfection. The chicken was tender and juicy with this marination and we totally savored the taste.

Tandoori chicken on the contrary was well char grilled but very dry – quite avoidable actually. On giving this feedback the staff was courteous to replace it but to correct the dryness they added a gravy to this starter! Quite disappointing but appreciate the effort.

Prawns in Cranberry sauce were a delight – each bite of these jumbo prawns was not only crunchy but also juicy thanks to the sweet and tangy cranberry sauce.

The Crispy Chicken Wings were well cooked Chicken Wings in mild sauce having a crispy taste as they were tossed with sesame seeds. Each bite was crunchy and delicious, ensuring we ordered more of it!

The Mutton Gilafi Kebabs were basically minced mutton cutlets, well cooked with adequate spices but again, very dry thereby making them unappealing.

By this time I was too full to have the main course so I will just mention the large variety they have to offer but not it’s review: Large variety of salads, Haleem, chicken curry, Biryani and Raita, Kulcha, Chole, etc. There were live counters too.

There was a dedicated dessert counter having a variety of pastries – I tried the chocolate one but found it dry and tasteless. The only good thing in Desserts was the Kulfi counter where you could add your toppings to it such as tutti Fruti, gems, chocolate flakes, etc.

The staff was very warm and courteous the entire evening and took regular feedback from us. They were concerned with customer experience and generous to serve before even asking for the serving. Overall, very friendly and great hospitality.

My overall experience was good considering the price I feel it is over priced for the quality. Some of the items require improvisation but overall it’s a great experience for a buffet place with unlimited food!


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