Right Place, Warden Road: 4.5/5

Your favorite street food eatery joint – definitely a Right Place!! We went to a play at Sophia and as there was still some time for it to start, we decided to pacify our hunger at the right place. This is my take on the place:

Right place is a small place located on Warden Road near Breach Candy. The place has no ara for seating but is still always crowded considering its popularity. If you’re a SoBo, you have been here since your school and college days. For suburb guys, this is equivalent to your Amar! The place is well kept in terms of hygiene which is important.

We first tried pani puri – the counter is located facing the footpath. The immense popularity ensures faster consumption resulting into fresh and crispy puris. The pani is also a perfect blend of sweet and spicy ingredients. Every puri bursts into your mouth into sweet spicy and salty concoction of flavors! A must recommended for all Street food lovers.

Next was the famous Veg Cheese Pizza – oh my God!! This was just wow! Your typical home made style pizza – having normal crust with the topping consisting of veggies such as onion and capsicum. This was covered with a generous covering of grated cheese and cooked in oven to perfection! A crispy base with veggies in every cheesy bite! I totally lovvvved it! Must have!

Finally we tried the famous veg grill sandwich – this was HUGE! By this time we were quite full too. This had multiple layers of vegetables such as onion, capsicum and tomatoes alongwith boiled potato sliced as well. There was generous serving of cheese and bread was well grilled. I din quite enjoy the potato part and I think it was a bit dry so required sauce at d side. Overall, right amount of salt and spices making it good but not wow as other stuff I tried.

Chic Choc – This is your favorite icecream cake topped with chocolate sauce and lot of almonds and other nuts. Each bite has chocolate cake, vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce and nuts to add the crunch! Again, a huge portion that can be shared amongst 2 persons atleast! The taste was delicious too!!

The staff is largely the same since ages and very friendly and professional over the years. They follow the coupon system and are quick to service your order.

Overall, an awesome Street food place to experience the desi pizza, pani puri and so much more! Love d the experience and definitely recommend you to try it sometime!!


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