The Serial Griller, Andheri W: 4/5

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4 Bungalows, Andheri West. Being a takeaway/ delivery outlet, it delivers to areas around Andheri West extending to Vile Parle West and Oshiwara West. Lucky me, I stay at Lokhandwala!!

Anant is a young professional in the entertainment sector who was always a foodie by heart. After getting a chance to experience the food business at his uncle’s restaurant in Bangalore, he has finally taken the first step to turn his dreams into a reality. How? Well, by starting the delivery based outlet for Burgers (post work during weekdays and after 12pm on weekends). The name serial griller is his dream to have a chain of restaurants focussed on grilled food. Here’s wishing you all the best and cheers to a great start!

Ambience: Not Applicable, being a delivery outlet. Although some day, Mr Anant wishes to have a restaurant too and finally a chain of them!!

Food: (yay, finally, I know) 😉
Well, currently the menu is limited. In non-veg, there’s 2 variety of Chicken, 1 lamb and 1 of beef. There’s also a Do It Yourself burger where we added beef too. Since I don’t like beef, I tasted the other 2 chicken burgers n Lamb too.

First was Le Bestia – indeed the best of the lot! The chicken patty was well grilled thereby capturing it’s healthy juices and thereby rendering it tender. Placed with lettuce and fresh tomatoes, grilled onions added to the crunchyness but what made it best was the smoky barbeque sauce as well as chilly onion sauce. Definitely worth a repeat order!!

American Mafia while had a similar chicken patty it had different sauces. This one was oodling with mustard sauce and instead of tomatoes it had grilled carrots with onions. Again a delicious taste but I prefer Le bestia!

The Silence of the Lamb has its patty made of minced Lamb meat. The mutton is so well minced making it soft and smooth thanks to perfect grilling. This is well placed with onions with addition of beetroot here that adds a sweet taste to it. The house pickles balances the beetroot and adds the spicy flavor. Overall, a perfect burger garnished with garden mayo making it juicy.

In Vegetarian, there are 2 Burgers – paneer based and other based out of mashed chickpeas. Jungle Bandit consists of cottage cheese viz well grilled alongwith carrots, capsicums and onions. This is well dressed between 2 hot burger buns with fresh crunchy lettuce, tomatoes and garnished with garlic mayo and garden mayo. Although the dish looked delicious, I felt it lacked the spices. There was something amiss, maybe addition of pickle could fill the void.

The other Vegetarian Burger is Safah Garbanzo that consists of burger patty made of mashed chickpeas and Arab spices that are grilled until golden brown. Finally this is placed between the buns with lettuce, tomatoes, jalepenos and house pickle, and garnished with roast garlic mayo. The chickpea patty is soft and delicious, making the overall taste wonderful!

One thing I must appreciate is their FRIES! People end up messing this up as well. My favorite fries are those served at Mc Donald’s because of their consistency. The serial griller has managed to pull this off! Although I do hope you would increase their quantity you serve with your Burgers 😉

Service: NA.

Overall, a great experience and definitely a go to place be it for parties, get togethers or plain dinner / meal. Wish they add more sides and accompaniments such as shakes, Iced teas and desserts too to make the meal complete! Wish u all d best!


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