Smoke House Deli, Lower Parel: 1/5

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A good ambience with its usual standard décor – white interiors mostly. Located at Phoenix High Street, the place is apt for a quick meal.

I was however, very very, disappointed with the food. We went at around 5-30 pm and as soon as we entered they told us “mains won’t be served. Only salads”. We were actually looking for a nice salad so thought it was great. We placed 2 orders, one for blueberry smoothie and the other Grape and Asparagus Salad.

The blueberry smoothie was immediately served and upon tasting we realized it was stale and definitely not fresh. It was also full of ice and when we pointed out that the drink tastes funny and is very cold, the server replied ” Smoothie, Ma’am ” as if we were tasting it for the first time! Very avoidable!!

Next we went for the salad. We specifically checked which one has minimal lettuce and was confused between watermelon and feta salad and Grapes n Asparagus salad. Our server / water said the latter will not have much lettuce – the very reason why we din opt for Ceaser Salad. However, when the salad was served it was MAINLY lettuce with few Grapes garnished at the side of the salad bowl. We again called him and said this is not what we expected – he said “Salad, Ma’am. All have lettuce”. I was shocked! I guess Smoke House Deli should pay a visit to the Salad CO. or even Eat Around the Corner that serve excellent salads viz more than just lettuce! Pathetic experience.

Rude. Unapologetic. Don’t care attitude. Very condescending! I wouldn’t suggest you to come here again. I used to love this place but this time I realized people here have started taking their customers for granted. The salad experience was ridiculous – the guy just got another small bowl of Grapes n Asparagus instead of replacing it even after we said this is a huge let down.

Value for Money:
A huge let down. When you pay a decent sum, you expect a decent quality. However, this was a total rip off. 800 bucks for lettuce and ice!??!!

Overall, a huge disappointment! I will definitely not recommend it. There are better places instead of this such as Cafe Zoe in Lower Parel or Eat Around the Corner in Bandra!


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