The Homemade Café, Oshiwara: 4.5/5

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Location: The Homemade Café is located at Oshiwara Link Road, main road in d lines of Sammy Sosa. It’s perfect and easy to locate as well.

The place is a small Café, much similar to the European Cafés – small and quaint. The décor ID also very French – with use of lights and wall art. There’s a Specials Menu Board outside the café bordered with multi colored light bulbs – very nice. Being a small place, the seating is limited and hence its always full. Overall, a great décor with impressive artistic interiors.

It is a non alcoholic place with multiple options for non alcoholic beverages. We tried the usual – Lemon Iced Tea and also Peach Iced Tea. I personally found peach Iced tea better as it was lighter. The fresh lime soda was refreshing and citrusy as the name suggests!!

We started with salads – the chicken ceaser salad was out of this world – a combination of fresh and crisp lettuce, bell peppers and brocolli blended well with bread crotons and parmesan dressing.

The watermelon feta salad was my favorite – it has cubes of freshly cut watermelon amidst rocket lettuce – amazing to look at the red and green combination. Plus walnut chikki was garnished over the salad with crambuled feta cheese and Lemon honey dressing. The juicy watermelon bite with crunchy lettuce and sweet walnut was mind blowing!!

And last but definitely not the least: Grilled paneer salad had a mix of lettuce, bell peppers, brocolli, baby corn, mushrooms and ofcourse grilled panner cubes. The sesame dressing was great to taste!!

Now coming to the appetizers:
Hooters Style Chicken Wings: These were chicken drumsticks that were deep fried and then garnished in Hooters sauce made out of paprika, pepper, chilly sauce and vinegar. They go well with sour cream on the side. Wings were decent in size and marination was perfect. Well cooked to retain the crispy exterior too. Loved it.

Cajun Chicken with Avocado Dip:
This was awesome!!!! The boneless chicken pieces were well cooked with Cajun seasoning to retain the juiciness of the chicken and keeping it tender. The marination was awesome and went great with avocado dip. Truly delicious!!

Jalepeno Fondue: Nothing beats melted cheese served hot with bread crotons! The cheese comprised of variety of 3 – Gouda cheese, white cheddar and Gruyère. It was great but would have preferred smoother cheese and more options to dip it in with such as olives or mushrooms, etc.

We also tried cheese garlic bread which was warm and fresh. Nothing wow but nothing to complain either. The stuffed mushroom with BBQ sauce was just okay though.

Time for the main course:
The Fuselli Pink Sauce Pasta was brilliant! The fuselli was well steamed and well cooked and the pink sauce had perfect mix of tangy and cheesy flavor. It was prepared with exotic veggies such as Bell peppers, brocolli and mushrooms! A must try!!

The spinach ricotta ravioli with porcini butter sauce was as the name suggests very very buttery and creamy. It would melt into my mouth! Although it was made out of spinach, it wasn’t very low on calorie!! But was totally worth it. I highly recommend!!

The stuffed chicken with green mash potato and mushroom pepper jus was actually chicken stuffed with mushrooms. Since the sauce was also made out of mushroom, I din quite enjoy the dish.

The desserts were totally picturesque! It was love at first sight – every time it was served and each and every one of it!! Let me start with my favorite: Banoffee Pie. Well, obviously it was made up of banana perfectly blended with whipped cream and toffee on a delicious biscuit base. The flavor of banana wasn’t over powering at all that made this beauty yummmmm!!

The most popular Tiramisu – it looked awesome and tasted even better. A little bit of coffee and cocoa is sure to “wake you up” – literally what Tiramisu means.

Even enjoyed the Mocha Fudge Cake – Aromatic flavor of mocha in every bite of this soft and warm fudge Cafe that was garnished with chocolate sauce. So fresh and soft and soo soo amazing.

We also tried the Belgian Chocolate Mousse which I thought could be softer and smoother while the Oreo Walnut Mousse was too sweet for my taste.

When we visited we met 2 out of the 3 owners of the place. Simple Kaul and Aditi Shirwakar (for those who watched Shararat will be familiar with these names and faces). Both of them were great hosts and welcomed us with a lot of warmth. The staff were very friendly too and recommended their house specials. Indeed a very homely feeling at The Homemade Café.

Overall, a wonderful experience. A place I would definitely frequent and highly recommend everyone. Go, get your share of joy!


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