BBC, Goregaon: 3.5/5

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I went to this place to meet my girl pals over a Saturday lunch and we easily got the table for 3.

Being a pub, the ambience of this place has dim lightings thus giving it a dark look even during day time. The seating is interesting with some private sections made up of huge beet barrels! Looked v cool especially with the lighting inside. To capture the essence of its name, the place has a lot of beer barrels as part of its décor. Overall, a very interesting ambience with comfortable seating, both over usual tables, bar stools at the bar and sorta-private sections for larger groups.

We started with cottage cheese skewers which had a very interesting way of presentation. The cottage cheese was grilled with black pepper sauce and served on skewers that was hanging over a bed of rice. The black pepper sauce was very well prepared and there was also exotic veggies served on the side such as Baby Corn, Beans, tomatoes, carrot and my favorite – French fries. Eventually, the cottage cheese was removed from the skewers and was eaten with rice – tasted great! A great meal indeed.

We also tried Greek Salad – This was a mix of juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, onions, olives and lettuce with a lot of feta cheese sprinkled all over it along with some dressing. The fruits were fresh and we enjoyed the salad.

Next was Spaghetti Pasta with exotic veggies. The pasta sauce was too creamy, which I personally love. There were too many brocolli after we specifically instructed not to add a lot of brocolli and mushrooms. The capsicum tasted great and overall it was a well prepared pasta.

For Desserts we tried the chocolate gooey cake. A warm chocolate cake that had gooey chocolate oozing out of it with every bite. However, it looked better than its taste. Not quite great and avoidable instead.

Hospitality/ Service:
The staff ain’t very friendly or courteous. When asked for recommendations, they recommended everything on the menu with no customization to our taste. Very restricted to serving and going with no extra care. Quite disappointing actually.

Overall, I think the food was great. Dessert din quite enjoy but then we only tried one. Would strongly advise to train their staff to be more friendly and hospitable. Might visit again too.


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