Play – The Lounge, Lower Parel: 4/5

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Play the Lounge – Where friendship meets craziness!

Play – the lounge is located at Kamala Mills, near Smaash, above Grandmama’s Cafe. The ambience has a very techno touch to it – given away by the ceiling full of LED style smart lights. They are usually at Blue but changes colors by dancing to the music and making you dance with them! During the day, it’s all white to give a light décor. The place is perfect for private parties too! Huge seating area, multiple games, huge bar – a playground in itself 😉

Games / Drinking Games:
It has been most amazing to see how creative they have gotten in terms of drinking games. There’s beer bong table with 10 slots for beer glass on each side. The players have to aim their ping pong balls into the beer glasses across the opposite end and if you success the opponent has to gulp down that beer glass. Lotta fun and lotta drinking too!!

Then there’s the classic Ludo game where your players are replaced with shot glasses. The four “houses” have four different flavored vodka shots placed around. Whenever you roll a dice, your shot glasses move around the board and when you land on “drink” you gulp down a shot and refill it with another. By the time you finish the game, players are happy and high!!

Technology has been used to add to the excitement – there’s a table with an upper deck that rises up. You place your drinks below and there’s another empty glass above. You deal cards and every time you get a King, you all pour little of each drink into the empty glass. Anyone who picks a 4th king has to gulp down the glass in d middle (viz a mix of all drinks around d table). Pretty amazing right?!! Try.

There’s air hockey, snakes and ladders and other similar games too. Definitely stands up to its name – Play The Lounge.

Food n Drinks:
I won’t recommend their House special French fries with 3 different dips. Although the dips were great, they French fries weren’t particularly crisp as we expect them. However, the appetizers to hold onto are – Paneer Skewers – Succulent cubes of cottage cheese, marinated with yogurt and Indian spices, grilled to perfection and served with mint chutney. Even other preparations of Panner such as Paneer Chilly was truly awesome. Even Afghani Panner Tikka was well grilled and served and paneer quality was really awesome. Very soft, very fresh!

The chilly cheese toast was another killing appetizer – bread pieces that were well toasted and coated with generous serving of cheese and chilly preparation. So crunchy and so cheesy that it melted in your mouth!!

There’s a huge variety in food out here – from appetizers like skewers or tikkas to tacos to Pizzas and burgers! A variety for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians alike!!

Drinks were a delight – both the way they were served as well as the taste. A huge variety here again. From your favorite beers to cocktails to the classic drinks – they have it all. For non drinkers too the variety of mocktails is amazing. And quite unlike for a lounge, they have a huge variety of smoothies too!! I tried the Nutella KitKat Smoothie and it was truly yummm!!

The drinks come very quickly when ordered while the food takes a slightly longer time. However, being a lounge I don’t see that a big flaw and would rate it good on service. Would advise the staff to be a bit more friendly like the managers and hosts.

Overall a great experience and definitely a party place! Great music, interesting games, strong drinks and best friends – what more do you want to ensure a good evening?!!


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