Farzi Cafe, Kalyani Nagar Pune: 4.5/5

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Yet another feature in the cap for Kalra’s chain of restaurants – Farzi finds its way to Pune and that too at the heart of Pune city – Kalyani Nagar.

Farzi Cafe strikes a very cool hangout place be with family or friends. The interiors are plush with modern furnishings – attractive red couches, movable platforms, swing seats and a lovely lit bar. There are 2 seating areas – the open terrace at d roof top and air conditioned dining on d first floor. A very upbeat place with awesome energy of great music.

Farzi is sure to cast a spell on you with its exotic cocktails!! The ones I strongly recommend are:
Farzi Apple Foamintini: This vodka based cocktail had Apple flavored mixture alongwith mint. The foams had d Minty Apple aroma arousing your both senses of smell and taste. Very cool!

Chai Paani: This was made of earl grey tea as its base. The presentation was simple amazing to look at the smoke go off the kettle. The alcohol used was vodka and there was definite flavor of vanilla. The cutting glasses added to the charm!

Bang Bang: This was my favorite – served in what looked like a barrel, this drink was similar to Long Island Iced Tea made very very strong. One is enough to give you the right kick or as I say – a happy high. Really awesome!!

Bottle ka Gin: This gin based drink was served in the classic “Banta” bottle and was prepared with lemon juice with flavors of vanilla and ginger.

I also recommend Farzi Tina which is a light cocktail made with vodka, lime juice, mint, Kaffir lime and soda. A citrusy taste that feels very refreshing!

Adapting the concept of Molecular Gastronomy, the restaurant first served us their palette cleansers: or Amuse Bouche which were basically spheres made up of yogurt, sweet in taste with strawberry syrup on the top. You gulp it down in one shot and know what’s coming next – Art meeting science – molecular Gastronomy at its best!

Tempura Fried Prawns: The prawns were fried and battered in tempura sauce with chilly mayo. It was served with emulsified lemon and chilly foam that looked super amazing. The prawns were so juicy and crispy to taste and went great with the lemon foam. A must order!!

Chilli Confit Duck Samosa: a beautiful creation this was – who would have imagined Samosa made up of duck!! This was a mini samosa that had the stuffing of very well cooked duck. Usually I find the duck very chewey but this was well cooked and simply melted in our mouth! The dressing was a sweet and chilly sauce adding the spice to the samosas. Brilliant!

Amritsari Fish n Chips: A Punjabi twist to the classic fish and chips – the fish was fried but instead of the usual bland taste this had Amritsari spices added to it. Very soft and tender fish served with home made potato chips which were crunchy and salty. This was accompanied by the hollandaise rich with butter and desi ghee. Although it tasted great, it actually was a good combination with the chips and not the fish.

Baos: A must must order – highly recommended!
We had a variety of 3 baos: Lamb Rogan Josh, Butter Chicken and Chilly Chicken. The Baos were steamed soft buns that were too soft to tasted – just melted as you took a bite! The lamb rogan josh included the stuffing of lamb meat which was braised Lamb, hand pulled and cooked with aromatic Indian spices. Loved them! Butter Chicken Baos consisted of butter chicken acting as the stuffing which was rich creamy gravy with chunks of chicken. These were yummmm and very foodgasmic! The chilly chicken bao consisted of chicken gravy that was mildly spicier and cooked in Chinese sauces. All three were really awesome and were served hot!

Main Course: Before the main course was served there was another round of palette cleanser and this time it was Guava sorbet with saunt chutney – these comprised of Guava sorbet served in the style of frozen lollipops prepared with saunt chutney. Thus, a sharp and tangy spicy taste ensuring you neutralize the taste and prepare your mouth for some main course!

Rice Noodle Biryani: Another omg dish!! This was Thai meets Punjab – never heard of Biryani prepared with flat noodles! The flat noodles were prepared with chicken chunks and Indian spices. The sauce added the tangy and spicy flavor and totally loved this dish!! The spicy peanuts sprinkled over this was awesome and so was the egg roll served on the side.

Prawns Chettinad: The Chettinad cuisine is a popular preparation in the sauce that is prepared with a variety of spices and masala, thereby giving it a spicy flavor. Prawns were cooked in Chettinad gravy and was served with lemon rice. This resulted in a beautiful sweet and tangy combination which only was better with fried papad served alongside. Very cool!!

Desserts: No matter how much you eat, there’s always room for desserts!
Ras Malai Tres Leches: This traditional Indian delicacy was prepared with thick milk, saffron green pounded cardamom and almonds with rose essence to it. The ras malai thus prepared was awesome as it was sprinkled with pistachio and almond shavings. The taste was so creamy and sweet, you’d want to have more! The presentation was beautiful with solidified caramel meshwork placed on top of it! So cool!

Bailey’s Lollipop: This is a MUST have again. Imagine, tiny balls or lollipops made of dark chocolate and filled with sweet Bailey’s liqueur. Oh, the delight of biting into the liquid is amazing and you can’t get enough of these!! The presentation was extraordinary too- the lollipops acted like flowers of a tree!

Mouth freshener: Candy Floss with Dehydrated Paan
It is a typical Indian tradition to end your meal with the paan and Farzi brings this tradition in a whole new modern way. Instead of the paan patta, it was white colored, paan flavored candy floss shaped in the design of gujiya and filled with typical paan stuffing! One was not enough and I craved for another one. So innovative, so creative, so unique. It’s only available here! Loved it!!

If Taj sets a benchmark in hospitality for Hotels, I think it’s safe to say that Kalra’s set the similar benchmark for restaurants. The staff is extremely courteous and ensures you’re having a joyous time. Chef Durgesh is a creative genius who will mesmerize you with his food. Overall, very helpful and attentive staff here!

Overall, I was very pleased with the entire experience and would definitely recommend this place. You can patty with friends, celebrate with family or come for a nice dinner with your spouse – it’s perfect!


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