Grandmama’s Cafe, Lower Parel: 4/5

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As the name suggests, the restaurant has a sweet theme reminiscing you about your grandmother. The décor has walls dedicated to Grandma stuff such as hand knit sweaters and so on which are cutely framed and decorated on the wall. The lighting is nice, interiors have floral design and overall gives a homely feel.

We started with the Greek Salad – made with fresh lettuce mixed with juicy veggies such as green and yellow Bell peppers, tomatoes and my favorite feta cheese. I love Greek salad for 2 reasons – there’s very little use of seasoning sauces making it very natural and fresh and the other being there’s less use of lettuce. However, here use of lettuce was in generous quantity and I would suggest to reduce that and keep it more veggies!

We then tried hummus – classic mashed chickpeas, flavored with paprika and served with pita. The chickpeas were well mashed and had a smooth texture with right amount of salt. The pita here was different – usually Pita bread is as soft as your roti but in this case it was toasted and made crunchy. A twist to the classic style but quite enjoyable. I recommend!

Mushrooms on Toast: These mushrooms were prepared in balsamic sauce and served on crispy bread toasts with cheese garnishing. Every bite was crispy and full with melted cheese and warm soft mushrooms.

Bibiji ki Aachari Khichdi: Khichdi is classic Indian preparation cooked with Dal and Rice and with aromatic Indian spices. Served with pickle on the top, spiced up onion rings and friams on the side – it’s perfect when you are looking for a light meal which is healthy and tasty too. And the best part – served very hot! I simply loved it – brilliant.

Desserts: We tried their popular waffles served with honey and maple syrup. Being a fan of Nutella, we asked for it that came in a small bowl on the side. However the Nutella was not as saucy as it was a bit thick. Tasted great with the waffles though!

Overall it was a great experience, a fun place to hangout with great music too.


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