The English Department, Malad W: 3.5/5

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Location: The place is located on the link road in Malad, right above the popular restaurant Khyber. Being on the main road, it is easy to locate.

As the name suggests, the restaurant has the British theme and hence the use of red and white color combination. Even the servers and host have the dress code that takes you back to the British era! The wooden circular tables with mats made depicting London bridge adds to the theme.

Chicken Bruschettas: I’ve always loved bruschettas and what makes them better is when they are served with tender juicy chunks of chicken!! Really awesome! The bread was well toasted making it crunchy and with every bite one could taste the melted cheese with minced Bell peppers and tomatoes. Highly recommended!

Prawns in Garlic Sauce: The prawns were deep fried in Garlic Sauce alongwith yellow and green bell peppers. The brown sauce made with Garlic paste, cloves and pepper blended well with the fried prawns that were crunchy and juicy to taste.

Fish n Chips: This classic preparation had basa fish deep fried and served with French fries on the side. The tartar sauce, however, wasn’t as expected as it tasted more like mayonnaise. Not a big fan of fried fish and that too Basa which by itself has no taste.

Bar Nibbles – peanut twist & chana twist
Peanut twist is the classic bar nibble that is made up of peanuts tossed with minced onions and tomatoes and Lemon squeezed over it. This gave it a tangy taste and made for a great bar nibble!

The chana twist was the first of it’s kind I tasted here at the English Department – tangy chola mixed with chopped onions n lot of chaat masala! Brilliant with the drinks indeed!!

Chicken Bolognaise Pizza: I thought this was quite avoidable – especially the crust that was too thick and hard. I could not enjoy even though the topping looked amazing with minced chicken and lot of cheese. I suggest they would change it to thinner crispy crust that’s crunchy with every bite.

Balti Chicken: This unique specialty of UK was very similar to our Chicken Tikka Maspices. The gravy was spicy and made with Indian spices. It was served with hot steamed rice. An Indian twist to the otherwise UK preparation.

Drinks: I wasn’t drinking but my I tasted a couple and would highly recommend Gin Genie which, as the name suggests, was a Gin bases drink made with lime juice and mint leaves to add the refreshing taste.

Also tried the mocktail – Sun Down – made with refreshing passion fruit syrup, cranberry juice, orange juice and mint leaves. The taste was on a sweeter side and mint leaves added the cooling effect. Very cool!!

The staff is very courteous and especially the manager Mr Willie who was friendly and made house special recommendations as well. The head chef Aamir also extended the warm courtesy and made sure we had a great time.

Overall, it was a good experience and we had a great time. The ambience and the dishes make the place very interesting.


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