K Rustom Ice-cream, Churchgate 

​If you haven’t had your Icecream at K Rustom, then you have not experienced Mumbai entirely! Like other legendary must visit places, so is K Rustom.

What’s that?!! This is Not Applicable – hehe. Well, just a small shop, so simple that I am sure if they haven’t renovated the place in last few decades. The place takes you to the old era reminding you how shops used to be. No seating place either – take your Icecream and enjoy it at d marine drive! Perfect.

They have ice cream slabs in multiple flavours which you can have either in a cup/ small plastic glass or as an Icecream sandwich prepared by adding two waffle biscuits at either ends – brilliant and simple. The quality of their ice creams haven’t changes since ages and they continue to remain awesome. I will strongly recommend the walnut flavour and that too with the waffles. The ice cream sandwich tastes amazing – evey bite has the crunchy waffle with the flavour of walnut, as in this case. Even guava flavor Icecream is great. These are priced at Rs 60 each while some are priced at Rs 30. A definite value for money indeed.
Hospitality: not applicable

Well the place is run by a Parsi family – and 2 Parsi ladies were present. Need I add more? Anyway, not applicable really so doesn’t matter.

Definitely a go to place. Take the Icecream and eat while taking a walk on marine drive.


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