Light House Cafe, Worli: 4/5

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When 3 friends come together for their passion for food, they open a restaurant and call it – Light House Cafe! The place keeps innovating and thus has different menu for dinner, lunch, and even the XXXL Festival.

The place has a vibrant quirky interiors with a personal touch from their founders who also went ahead and painted the walls themselves. Light house cafe has 2 outlets in Mumbai – one in Khar, where they started with, and the other in Worli. Worli outlet looks entirely different in the evening than in the day – bright yellow entrance door. The ceilings have light bulbs hanging out all over d ceiling, justifying it’s name. The cycle wheel is decorated with light bulbs and iron hooks for the bags, adding to the rustic look. Overall, a great ambience to hangout with awesome music and vibrant vibes!!

We visited the XXXL Festival – where everything is served in large quantities. Drinks are served in multiples of litres – pitchers, perfect for your parties and large crowd. A 6 month extensive research for the XXXL Festival was indeed worth it.
We started with the Beer Sangria: This had the mix of a Sangria meaning fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, lime, cucumbers, olives and spring onions, and instead of the wine it had a mix of Lager: Bira and Kingfisher and Schweppes Soda. If you’re a beer lover – you gotta love this. Especially the presentation – a yellow colored bucket with beer bottles put upside down in a mix of fruits n veggies. Wuhooo!! Quantity: 3 litres!!
Now for those preferring stronger drinks, try Death by Cocktail: A mix of eight different spirits made with red bull, tonic and kokum. But the best part was how it was served: A transparent Jar with a pipe. You release the cocktail through the pipe and the first person to try will spill it over! A fun way to have your drink indeed! Must try. Quantity: 2.5 litres!!
I also had a mocktail called MH44 Kokum Mojito: This was totally refreshing – a mix of lemon, mint and kokum. A great blend of sweet and kokum flavours with Minty taste too. Perfect.

We started with Sliders: these are available in multiple servings of 9, 12 or 16. Sliders are usually mini Burgers made with mini Burger buns but in this case it was made with Pavs. We had a variety and I would recommend the following:

Texas Cowboy: if you love barbeque chicken then you will love these. Stuffing is made up of barbeque chicken,. Barbeque sauce – sweet n spicy, with onion rings, fried potato sticks and yummy cheddar.
Samosa Pavs: These basically your vada pavs made with mini samosa, green mint chutney, tomato sauce and cheese. Very Indian.
If PBM was English: This slider consisted of Panner Butter Masala and kuchumber topped with crunchy papad. While all the Sliders had very satisfying stuffing, very delicious in taste, the bread viz the Pav becomes too dry after sometime. So din quite enjoy the experience.
Pizzas: Available in 10″, 14″ and 16″!!!

If you enjoy blue cheese then you must try “I’d like some fungus”. This is a pizza with thin crispy crust with topping of artichoke mushrooms, blue cheese, spinach leaves and mozarella cheddar! Truffle oil was also used, and overall highly recommended for blue cheese fans. They also made a huge pizza with mixed toppings and it was awesome. If you’re partying in large groups – makes perfect sense.

I loved the dessert “Uniited States of PB n J”. PBnJ is short for Peanut Butter and Jam and this dessert has generous servings of all these 3 pampering sweets sandwiched between roasted breads. The dessert size increases in no. Of layers as you may opt for!! An awesome dessert with balanced taste of salty Peanut, butter and sweet Jam with crunchy toasted breads.

The service overall is great – Chef Prasad is very friendly to talk to. Everyone’s smiling and courteous and food and drinks come quick.
Overall, a good option for those who want to throw parties to large groups. Grab your chance as it’s total paisa vasool!!


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