The Gourmet Kitchen, Andheri West: 4.5/5

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​The Gourmet Kitchen located at Veera Desai Road is the perfect solution to all the residents of Andheri West, stretching from Lokhandwala, Oshiwara to 7 bungalows and 4 bungalows. It offers a variety of cuisine for home delivery and here’s my take on the food:

From breakfast to meals to grills to breads, there are multiple options available here. We tried the following:

Non Veg Meal: This consisted of Butter Chicken (another option is chicken tikka masala), 2 tandoori rotis, rice and some salad. The chicken was amazing – very tender, with Creamy gravy that was not sweet and hint of spicy as we enjoy. Delicious – loved it. Even the rotis were well made and din not dry up at all – v soft. Rice was steamed rice and was a perfect combination with the Butter Chicken!! This is by far my FAVORITE meal and I keep calling for it time and again. Quantity: Fills 1 perfectly.
Lemon Herbed Fish Fillet: Here the fish was grilled to perfection with lemon and butter sauce. The fish was v tender such that it melted in my mouth with every bite, so soft! The sauce deeply soaked into the fish making it delicious. The citrusy and butter sauce was awesome but inadequate for the side serving of rice. Even the broccoli served on the side can be replaced. I din quite appreciate the small quantity – couldn’t fill even one person. 
Herbed Chicken Steak:

Here the chicken breast was marinated in mushroom pepper sauce and the well grilled. The grilling was perfect- got a smoky exterior and tender interiors. The marination was also quite tasty with mild spicy flavor. The mashed potatoes on the side had a smooth texture while grilled veggies were okay. Taste wise: brilliant. Quantity: Come on, you can be more generous than this! Afterall I’m paying Rs 300 for this.
Indian Veg Meal: This comes in 2 options – Butter Paneer or Paneer Tikka Masala served with 2 rotis, rice and salad. Again, very awesome Butter Paneer- very Creamy and heavy though. Rotis were adequate and so was the rice. Great and perfect for 1 person.
Chicken Sandwich: The bread was made in house by the kitchen and stuffed with chicken pieces, onions and sauces such as ketchup and mustard sauce. Again, well cooked chicken but very small quantity.


This is a very important aspect for any home delivery orders. Here, the food was well packaged in clean and hygienic containers. Infact, the container for each dish was in itself sufficient – tray like shaped, you don’t need plates also. They also deliver plastic spoons, knifes and even forks. A damn cool packaging and very hygienic indeed.


Awesome food. Definitely one of my favorite places now but I wish they work on the quantity – pls increase the portion sizes. A must try place – you will get addicted to the food.


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