Tea Villa Cafe, Juhu : 4.5/5

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Tea Villa is the new happening chain of Cafe that’s opening its multiple outlets across Mumbai. It’s newly opened outlet is in Juhu, very close to Prithvi Theatre and it’s wow!! Here’s my take on the Cafe:

Ambience: Unlike other multi chain outlets, each tea villa cafe has a different décor. This one at Juhu has an outdoor seating as well as indoor one – one on d ground floor and one on level one. The outdoor seating is pretty chill with cute, multi coloured chairs and the weather these days is perfect to enjoy this too!! Even the indoor decor is lovely with creative wall decor such as half kullars and mix of high and low chair seating. Overall, well lit and good air conditioning – making it v comfy.

Drinks: Don’t be fooled by the name – it doesn’t just serve tea – but a variety of other drinks too. Ofcourse to give justice to it’s name, TVC boasts of offering a variety of 100 teas!!!! No, there’s no typo there.. from a variety of green teas to your desi style masala chai, u name it and they have it all – hot or cold. There’s a separate menu for green teas and my personal favourite was the Detox Tea. Brilliant refreshing aroma and amazing taste. We also tasted their newly launched Chocolate Tea which was so innovative and interesting. A must try!! Very soon, they will be retailing their trademark tea bags too for us green tea lovers. 

Oh, might I suggest: if you are a Chocolate lover and that too Nutella then u must try their Nutella Jar Shake – it’s yummmmmy! Ah, sweet liquid heaven server in Nutella Jar itself with cream on top and 2 KitKats. Picture perfect, and taste too!

Food: Tea Villa Cafe is vegetarian. It was a bummer for me when I heard about it but when I browsed through their menu I was spoiled for choice!! There’s soooooo much to choose from: Italian, Continental, Lebanese,  Asian and more!! We had a lotttta food and here’s my top pick:

1. Villa Special Fries Basket: This was an assortment of various fries such as sweet potato, potato wedges, french fries served with 3 Dips: chilly mayo sauce, barbeque sauce and ranch. Loved it. You can never have enough fries.

2.Potato Skins: These were delicious potato skins with 3 cheese and herbs making every bite melting in your mouth. 

3. White Cheese Pasta: My favorite these days – TVC gives you an option to customise your own pasta with toppings and surely I did. I picked spaghetti with toppings of babycorn, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. It was served with 2 crisp garlic breads on the side. Pasta was amazing but I wish it was more creamier with slightly thinner sauce. 

4. Risotto: This was brilliant and A MUST TRY. The Risotto was prepared with exotic veggies in tomato sauce with a nice tangy mild spicy taste to it making it awesome!! Again, the 2 crisp garlic breads were crunchy and delicious and the mix veggies on d side were just wow! Overall, 5/5 for this dish and I would love to revisit for more!!

We also tried baked lasagne and lotus root with honey chilly sauce and both these dishes were remarkable. I loved everything we tried: be it their quality, taste, quantity and even presentation. 

Desserts: Ah, again too many options to choose from but my favourite being: Waffles and that too Nutella Waffles and Chocolate Waffles. TVC baked their waffles fresh and then pours chocolate / Nutella over it making it irresistible and picturesque. Each bite is sinful and heavenly and oh my so satisfying!!

Hospitality: The staff is very courteous and helpful. The service is quick and they make sure u have a great time. 

Overall I had an awesome experience here and loved the food, my tea,my Nutella shake and my waffles too! It’s a brilliant place to hangout not just with your friends but also your family, your partner too ! Cheers to TVC team to many more outlets across not just Mumbai but pan India!


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