Maldives – Info

This is just a summary of info and not exhaustive in nature. Just thought might help for any potential travelers.

Getting there: Maldives is located in southwest part of Asia in the Indian Ocean and is a cluster of island. Male is the capital of Maldives and has its international airport. Flying from India, I took the Sri Lankan Airways and there are variety other options available too. Once you land in Male, the travel time to your resort will determine whether you are going by boat or plane. I availed resort transfer since I wasn’t sure about this as its not as simple as taking a cab! I suggest you reach early morning since immigration, visa formalities and travel to your resort also takes time. 

Best Time to travel:  Monsoon and Maldives go hand in hand and hence July to November is their wet season where you can get great deals from resorts. Their summers are from December to April when you can lie around the beaches for sun bath and more.

What to expect? So as I mentioned earlier, Maldives is a cluster of islands or coral atolls as they call it. All major resorts technically occupy an entire island / atoll and you are pretty much restricted to the resort since travelling to other islands i.e. island hopping can get pretty expensive. So my suggestion would be to pick and choose a resort by doing enough research! I chose Anantara Veli for 2 reasons – Anantara Veli and Anantara Dhigu are like sister resorts which are connected by the resort ferry. Thus, although I booked in Anantara Veli, I get to travel to Anantara Dhigu as well and explore and avail of the resort amenities there as well! 

Resort Selection: If you are traveling with kids then better choose a resort which has kiddy stuff like kiddy pool, playrooms, etc. For romantics, I strongly recommend an “Over-water” bungalow. You can get beach villas in various places like Mauritius, Thailand, Bali, etc. but an Over Water Bungalow is totally worth the experience! Imagine, your room deck having stairs that lead you into striking blue waters where you can snorkel your way around. Its beautiful!

Amenities: Most resorts provide beach sports activities such as snorkeling gears, scuba gears, etc. at a cost. Water sports are also available at these resorts but they are quite expensive. Most of these resorts also provide the price-list of activities on their website which you can go through if you are going to spend most of the time indulging in these activities. I knew I wanted to explore the ocean around my resort by snorkeling so I picked the resort which offered it complimentary as I knew I would use it to the fullest. And I did. Oh I soooo did 😉 

Food: Since you’re in the resort all the time, I suggest you take a breakfast package for sure. If you’re a vegetarian or have specific cuisine taste then I suggest you pick a resort by going through the various restaurants it offers and thus the cuisine. Sea food is every resorts specialty alongwith Thai food as well. Since I mainly wanted some preparation in  chicken, my choice was almost 2 islands so that I had an option of 6 restaurants! 

Alcohol: We almost bought a greygoose bottle from Sri Lanka duty free shop. Thank God, the guy at the counter asked our destination and told us – alcohol is banned in Maldives! Don’t worry, it is available in resorts but at ofcourse a higher cost.

Cost: Maldives is an expensive destination. So plan well in advance. Choose your resort properly and more importantly go through the price list of activities provided at the resort since that can make your budget go hay wire.


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